Prescott's office sex romps 'broke the law'

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Scotland Yard is considering a complaint that the Deputy Prime Minister broke the law by having sex with his secretary in his Whitehall office.

A formal complaint has been sent to Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, by a retired Glasgow police officer, Alistair Watson. The Met is considering the complaint, which claims John Prescott committed the offence of misconduct in public office by allegedly having an affair during office hours. The offence, according to legal experts, applies to all public servants including councillors and government ministers.

According to Tracey Temple, Mr Prescott's former mistress, she and the DPM had sex at his Whitehall office while they were meant to be working. Extracts of Mr Watson's letter, which appeared in The Sunday Times, said: " There is no reason why Mr Prescott and Miss Temple cannot be prosecuted. This is not a malicious thing. If there are rules that apply to ordinary people, Mr Prescott should be treated the same, or more harshly."

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: "Officers will consider the letter and how to respond in due course."