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Indy Politics
BULL BARS: Vehicle manufacturers are no longer as a matter of practice advertising bull bars as a feature on their products, Steven Norris, Minister for Road Safety, said. The development follows increasing concern about the impact of the bars in collisions with pedestrians.

BOSNIA COST: The monthly cost of UK military operations in Bosnia after the deployment of the Rapid Reaction Force will be about pounds 26m, said Foreign Office minister Sir Nicholas Bonsor.

nBUSINESS TODAY - Commons: not sitting. Lords: Medical (Professional Performance) Bill, Committee; Local Government Elections (Changes to the Franchise and Qualification of Members) Regulations; Fishing Vessels (Safety Improvements) (Grants) Scheme; Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) Scheme; updated Code of Audit Practice for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England and Wales; Contracting Out (Highway Functions) Order; Employment Protection (Increase of Limits) Order; debate on banking supervision after Barings collapse.

The Commons has risen for its long summer break and the Lords rises today. Both return on Monday 16 October.