Q&A: Foreign Secretary William Hague

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This afternoon, Foreign Secretary William Hague answered the public's questions live. Follow the conversation as it happened below.

Questions answered so far:

@CharlesCrawford #Libya Many top Gaddafi bad men defected to the 'rebels'. Are we getting Gaddafi Lite? Who controls unfrozen assets? @WilliamJHague #askFS

@KevinBonnick #askFS There is clearly billions of pounds of assets owned by old regime, why are we now giving them aid when the resources are there to use

@el_marciano91 Why were you and previous governments happy to allow arms exports to Libya when Gaddafi was in charge? #askFS #Libya

@BrynGerard Which Western Corps. will be offered #business deals from #Libya? Has it already been carved up like the #Iraqi #Oil ? #AskFS

@EmilyTVCook #askFS Why has Mugabe not been tackled? I'm sure he stoked the fire with Libya and possibly Syria and I think he'll start on new regime!

@susanfenton #askFS Wasn't the real purpose of the invasion of Libya to gain control of the oil, by installing an unelected puppet government?

@AlexNicest #askFS how many people are estimated to have died in the Libya conflict?

@SamReeves #askFS Is there any indication when Britain's embassy [in Tripoli] will reopen? Days or weeks or months? And who will the new ambassador be?

@ahcorner to what extent is it practical to ask the NTC to atone for #Libyan crimes committed under #Gaddafi? #askFS

@kattighe81 #askFS how can we justify spending so many millions in Libya when we have so many children living below poverty line in UK?

@sevenscreation #askFS with cost of British involvement in Libya as high as £250m (Telegraph tgr.ph/pszhxK) & uk economy as it is, why are we there?

@GrovesMartyn #askFS What support to encourage migrant workers back to Libya to rebuild? Many stuck in Tunisia still. How will they be protected?

@MarkCF83THFC #askfs What are your long and short term hopes for the people of Libya in general,and the region in particular?

@TomStevenson_ Why was the June 16th offer of internationally monitored elections in Libya ignored? #askfs

@gregsie #askFS How sure can you be that the #LTC are not Taliban supported? They're demonstrating a hands-off approach to the UN and other bodies

@JanzourAli following disgracefully slow response in evacuating Brit cits from Libya has there been a review into fco procedures? #askFS