Report's key recommendations

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Indy Politics

* The closed party list system to be replaced.

* The Electoral Commission to encouragewomen, ethnic minorities, people on lower incomes, young people and independents to stand.

* The voting and candidacy age should be reduced to 16.

* Automatic voter registration at age 16 to be introduced.

* Donations from individuals and organisations to parties to be capped.

* State funding for local activity by political parties.

* Text voting or e-mail voting only after other reforms.

* 70 per cent of the House of Lords should be elected by a 'responsive electoral system' for three parliamentary terms.

* Select committees should get enhanced powers.

* Limits on power of the whips.

* Parliament should be ableto initiate legislation, launch inquiries and act on petitions.

* A decentralisation of powers.

* Local government should be able to raise taxes and administer its own finances.

*Meetings of ministers with business, including lobbyists, to be listed every month.

* All public bodies to involve the public in their policy- making processes.

* Citizens to initiate legislative processes, public inquiries and hearings into public bodies.

* Rules on plurality of media ownership to be reformed.

*Public service broadcasters to involve viewers in matters of public importance.

* MPs to be required and resourced to produce annual reports and hold AGMs.

* A new independent National Statistical and Information Service to provide information free of political spin.