Robin Cook's allies to enshrine his 'legacy' at party conference

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They have drawn up a special motion for the Brighton conference that will pose a difficult dilemma for Tony Blair. The carefully-worded resolution includes implicit criticism of the Blair government. But if the Labour leadership tries to block it, it could provoke a row because of the widespread support and admiration for Mr Cook, who died this month aged 59.

The motion, based on eight key statements by the former foreign secretary, says: "The best way we as a party can now honour his memory is by redoubling our commitment to the principles he held most dear."

The resolution says: "In an age of international conflict and terrorism it is more important than ever that Britain's foreign policy should have an 'ethical dimension' and 'our interests are best protected not by unilateral action but by multilateral agreement and a world order governed by rules.'"

The motion challenges Mr Blair's plans for a further round of reforms to inject private sector disciplines into the public sector. It supports "the defence of public services and the public service ethos".