Row resumes in Commons over MPs' alleged brawl in radio studio

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Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, denied brawling with Labour's Stephen Pound, MP for Ealing North, who claims he may have broken a rib.

Mr Pound said his Tory rival "completely lost the plot" over an embarrassing e-mail he read out on Talksport radio on Tuesday.

The pair came face to face again yesterday, this time separated by at least two swords lengths on either side of the Commons, over a private member's Bill about employment tribunals. Mr Davies was criticising the UK's "compensation culture", when the Labour MP Kevin Jones made a goading reference to the attack.

"Do you not think there is a fundamental right if someone, for example, is attacked and has a cracked rib that they should be able to take a case against the assailant?" Mr Jones said.

Mr Davies quipped back: "If anybody does have a cracked rib they very much should go to court and press their case in a court of law."

The earlier row erupted after Mr Pound read out an e-mail from one of Mr Davies' staff asking local Tories to telephone Talksport to support him.

Mr Pound said Mr Davies "completely lost the plot" after the show. "He was trying to grab the e-mail and wrestling me round the room, grabbing me and grappling, crashing around the place. I didn't have a clue what to do." He added: "Either I have pulled a muscle or the rib is broken."

Mr Davies said he did try to grab the e-mail, but denied there had been a brawl.

The Talksport host Ian Collins told the Daily Mirror: "Two grown men in Savile Row suits brawling as if they were in a playground. They were in a bear hug and were really going for it. They were serious."