Ruperts made to bear blame

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LABOUR continued its love affair with arty types and leftish actors in its latest party political broadcast last night, but probably lost the accountants' vote in the process, writes Patricia Wynn Davies.

The broadcast focused on the Government's refusal to garner an additional pounds 10bn for the public purse by closing tax loopholes, creating a new hate figure - anyone with money and called Rupert - for the purpose.

The film showed Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, playing tax consultants Rupert Weaver and Rupert Dodge, seeing a string of wealthy businessmen, also called Rupert, to advise them on tax.

In line with links Labour wants to forge with the small firms lobby, the succession of Ruperts is followed by a Mr Green, a small businessman. No help is on offer. 'Look, the Government's got to raise revenue from somebody. Sorry, but it's got to be you.'

The GMB general union, Labour's second largest affiliate, is set to quit Trade Unions for Labour, the main organisation for channelling union support to the party.