Scotland's eulogies over in 22 minutes

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While their counterparts in Westminster spent two hours eulogising the Queen Mother, members of the Scottish Parliament spent 22 minutes paying their respects.

For the first time since the death of the former first minister Donald Dewar, the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh was recalled so that party leaders could formally express their sadness and convey their condolences to the Royal Family.

The Presiding Officer, Sir David Steel, who returned from a holiday in France, opened the session with a minute's silence in the chamber before the First Minister, Jack McConnell, on behalf of the Scottish Labour Party, moved the motion of condolence. He was quickly followed by John Swinney for the SNP, David McLetchie for the Conservatives, and the Deputy First Minister, Jim Wallace, for the Liberal Democrats.

Much play was given to the Queen Mother's love of and association with Scotland and its people and her family's descent from Robert the Bruce.

Tommy Sheridan, of the Scottish Socialist Party, and Roseanna Cunningham, of the SNP, both known republicans, were absent, as were 38 other MSPs.