Scuffles as Powell berates EC

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Indy Politics
THE chances of Julian Davidson, the Conservative candidate holding Newbury for the Tories in tomorrow's poll, receded yet further last night after more than 500 people indicated they would vote for his Anti-Maastricht opponent, Dr Alan Sked.

Enoch Powell, supporting Dr Sked at a packed public meeting at Newbury racecourse, received a standing ovation after urging those present to vote according to 'by whom you wish to be governed'.

Scuffles broke out during Mr Powell's impassioned speech as two Communist Party of Great Britain hecklers, supporting the party's candidate, Anne Murphy, were forcibly escorted from the meeting hall. The meeting coincided wih last night's controversial debates on the all- party new amendment to the Maastricht Ratification Bill.

Mr Powell said that the 1972 European Community Act, the precursor to the Maastricht Treaty, was a 'complete disclaimer of Parliament's rights and powers'. A blank cheque had been signed in 1972.

That had been followed by the 1986 Single European Act. 'Ministers would no longer be responsible. Under the Maastricht Treaty we have a similar Bill to bring up to date the surrender of the rights of the British people.'