SNP show hits Westminster - with some 'totally unacceptable' clapping

Conservative MP, Simon Burns, said: 'You don't clap in the chamber, you say 'hear hear''

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Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs have been ruffling feathers in Westminster on only their first day in Parliament – with some “totally unacceptable” clapping.

Carol Monaghan, the SNP’s newly elected member for Glasgow North West, tweeted that during their induction process the “Tory MP for Chelmsford tells us it is poor etiquette to clap”. What followed was “rapturous applause from the 56” SNP MPs, she said.

Simon Burns, the Conservative involved, later told The Daily Telegraph: “People have clapped in the chamber which for MPs like me is totally unacceptable. “You don’t clap in the chamber, you say ‘hear hear’ or if you’re in a sedentary position you shout ‘rubbish’.”