Students to target Liberal Democrat HQ

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The Liberal Democrats' headquarters will be targeted with the same "legitimate force" seen at the riot at Millbank, student activists said today.

The Education Activist Network (EAN), one of the radical student groups involved in last Wednesday's protests, accused the Liberal Democrats of "betrayal" over university fees and refused to rule out violence when it attempts to occupy the party's headquarters on November 24.

A spokesman said student groups would try to take over the party's offices in Cowley Street, central London, as part of a "Day X" of widespread action against the Coalition government.

At a meeting tomorrow at the University of Sheffield, EAN activists will debate attempting occupations of Nick Clegg's home and constituency office.

Mark Bergfeld, a member of the NUS national executive committee, said: "The Liberal Democrats stood on a platform of free education and millions of students voted for them. They now feel totally betrayed.

"I think that a party that tells outright lies to students and to workers is a legitimate target for direct action.

"People argue that you can change democracy at the ballot box. We're going to show that we change democracy through direct action."