Sun, sea, sand... and the eyes of the world upon you


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The traditionally precarious holiday season for the nation’s leading politicians is once more upon us.

David Cameron again finds his awkward choice of casual summer garb targeted by the media’s fashion police during his stay in the Algarve, while the pro-European Nick Clegg looks more in tune with the continental pace on a visit to wife Miriam’s Spanish home town of Olmedo. The Prime Minister and his deputy have, of course, managed to go on holiday at the same time, prompting the obligatory cries of “who the hell’s in charge?” back home. Still, the days when news-starved commentators could get worked up about John Prescott having his “finger on the nuclear button” for a couple of weeks in August, are a fading memory.

It’s a tricky business, this summer holiday lark, for Cameron and co. Modern rules include a) don’t be seen enjoying yourself too much; b) don’t go anywhere too expensive or too nice; and c) get ready for the media clamour to be dragged home shame-faced when the country plunges into “crisis” while you selfishly knock back the pina coladas.

Ed Miliband, meanwhile, is holidaying in France, we are told. Unlike one certain Labour predecessor, he’s so far avoided the temptation to go out on the razzle with a bandana-clad Silvio Berlusconi.