Support for Ed Miliband falters

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Ed Miliband's new year relaunch has failed to persuade even half of Labour voters that he is the man to lead their party. Only 22 per cent of all voters think he is turning out to be a good Labour leader, according to ComRes.

More than a third of people who voted Lib Dem in 2010 have switched to Labour, but one in five do not think Mr Miliband is shaping up as a good leader. "It appears that this support for the party is despite Ed Miliband's leadership, not because of it," said Andrew Hawkins, chairman of ComRes.

A quarter of Labour voters say he would not improve job prospects. Overall, Labour has a four-point lead, up two points since last month. The Lib Dems are down to 10 points, their lowest rating in a ComRes survey.