Supporters' Statement: 'He has faced pressure with courage'

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After Iain Duncan Smith made his statement, a joint message of support for his leadership was issued by Michael Ancram, deputy leader, Oliver Letwin, shadow Home Secretary, Theresa May, party chairman, and Michael Howard, shadow Chancellor. It said: "Iain Duncan Smith is the duly elected leader of our party. He has faced considerable pressure over recent weeks and has done so with remarkable courage and dignity. He has said, and we agree with him, that he has earned the right to lead our party into the next election. He has healed the wounds on Europe. He has forged, for the first time in a decade, a radical and coherent programme of reform in the public services. He has made the Conservative Party the champion of the people and advocate of choice and opportunity for all. Iain has made it clear he will seek the support of colleagues in the forthcoming vote of confidence, to draw a line under recent events and allow him to take these policies forward. We will support him."