Suzanne Evans sacked as Ukip spokesperson after labelling Nigel Farage a 'very divisive character'

Ms Evans was once seen as Mr Farage's likely successor as leader of the party

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The bitter civil war that broke out inside Ukip after the general election flared up again with Suzanne Evans, once seen as Nigel Farage’s likely successor, effectively sacked as a party spokeswoman.

In an interview on BBC2’s Daily Politics show, Ms Evans, the party’s deputy chairwoman, said Mr Farage was a “very divisive character” in terms of the way he was perceived, although she added he was “not divisive as a person”.

That caveat does not appear to have gone down well.

An internal party email, leaked to the BBC, made clear that Ms Evans was to be cut off by the party’s press office. The name of the sender was not revealed.

“I have just spoken to Nigel and in light of Suzanne Evans’ comments on TDP [the Daily Politics] I am issuing this directive,” the email said.

“From this moment onwards, no one employed by the Ukip press office is to have any further contact with SE.


“No bids [for interviews by the media] are to be accepted for SE and she is not to be offered as an official Ukip spokesman. No one is to brief SE or advise her on any issue.”

Asked about Ms Evans’ apparent sacking as a spokesperson, Mr Farage suggested he was not aware of what had happened – despite reports he was “very angry” at Ms Evans’ remarks. “I’ve no idea, I’ve been at the Battle of Waterloo,” he told The Independent.

Asked about the email’s reference to the directive being sanctioned by “Nigel”, Mr Farage said: “All I can say is good for them [the BBC] and good night. Thank you very much.”

On the Daily Politics, Ms Evans suggested the campaign to persuade people to leave the European Union should be led jointly. “Why should one person front it? Why shouldn’t it be Nigel alongside someone from the Labour Party, from the Conservative Party and perhaps from business as well? That I think would be much more convincing,” she said.

“I think Nigel is a very divisive character in terms of the way he is perceived. He’s not divisive as a person but the way he is perceived is as having very strong views that divide people.”