The £40m election: what they spent it on

Now we know why our political parties needed to raise millions: secret accounts reveal for the first time the details of campaign expenditure
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Alastair Campbell's consultancy fee (excl VAT) for January-April 2005: £47,000

Vinyl stickers for Tony Blair's helicopter: £411

Car to take Tony Blair from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace to request general election (incl two hours' waiting time): £53.46

Services of Andre Suard, hairdresser, to Cherie Blair for election campaign @ £275 per day: £7,700

One Platinum Ayat 9.65 Executive Coach: £264,375

Conversion of coach to John Prescott's campaign bus: £75,000

Rebranding of coach to become Prescott Express: £3,172

Hire of five Star Trek costumes, including Mr Spock ears, for publicity stunt: £299.63


18-seat helicopter for Michael Howard for election campaign: £250,000

Production costs for Michael Howard and Oliver Letwin joint press conference, entitled "Value for Money": £6,449.57

Postal campaign appealing for donations: £1.2m (anticipated income £1.32m)

Two Groundhog costumes imported from America for publicity stunt: £3,500

Assorted croissant platter, large Danish pastries, muffins, fruit basket, fruit juices for Conservative Central Office on 15 April 2005: £388.64

Accommodation in London for adviser Lynton Crosby: £26,992.21

Media training for Michael Howard and Shadow Cabinet for spring conference 2005: £19,546.64

Make-up for Michael Howard for press conferences and TV appearances during election campaign: £3,638.35


Six two-piece suits, one jacket and trousers from Bert Rhodes Tailor, Dewsbury, for Charles Kennedy @ £680.85 each (incl one free): £4,800

Six cotton shirts from Brian Halpin, bespoke shirtmaker: £355

Room service bill for food for Charles Kennedy @ Botleigh Grange Hotel, Southampton: £12.90

Room service bill for drink for Charles Kennedy @ Botleigh Grange Hotel: £27.50

Make-up for leader's press conferences: £1,580