The Cabinet: The best Twitter gags about David Cameron's reshuffle


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NickJParry Now "Baroness" Warsi really knows what it's like to be Northern and working class – she's been made redundant by the Tories.

GraemeGarden1 Never mind the deckchairs; today's the day the captain of the Titanic rearranges the icebergs.

Number10Cat Michael Gove has been told he is keeping his job, but that decision could be adjusted down in December...

Kevin_Maguire Cabinet Reshuffle in Brief: Torydee replaces Torydum and policies remain the same?

MichaelPDeacon DEADLINE DAY LATEST: Kaká jets in to No10... Alessandro del Piero spotted outside Department for Transport... Jermaine Jenas to Culture...

BryceElder Reshuffle latest: Kenneth Clarke moved to ITV4, given a vintage Jag and told to solve crimes.

Hattie_Jacques Rumours are rife that the government will get a private firm to replace Andrew Lansley as health secretary

TheMichaelMoran It's one law for us, and another job for Laws.