The Conservatives in Brighton: Quotes of the Day

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I have spoken my guts out making speeches about Maastricht - Douglas Hurd responding to the charge that he had not explained the treaty to the British people.

Singing in the bath? What are you talking about? - a nonplussed Norma Major when asked whether the Prime Minister had been singing in the bath recently.

I have one suggestion for the media at the next election. Let them spend rather more time on the political debate out there in the country - and rather less time interviewing each other inside television studios - Norman Fowler on the last election campaign.

It's the votes of the Labour Party that are going to be crucial in the House of Commons, not the votes of our backbenchers - Kenneth Baker, asked how the Maastricht treaty legislation could be defeated.

Evidently the only safe way to eat a hamburger is to put your head in the fridge - John Gummer on confusion surrounding food safety rules.

Today's business: Social security; education; trade and industry; home affairs; transport; Northern Ireland.