The end of the career: Blunkett timeline

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14 August

The 'News of the World' reveals that David Blunkett is having an affair with a married woman.

15 August

It takes 24 hours for 'The Sun' to identify the woman as the US publisher of The Spectator - Kimberly Fortier, who has since adopted her married name Quinn.

17 August

Reports emerge that Mrs Quinn is several months pregnant with a second child.

11 November

Mr Blunkett applies to court for a contact order and a parental responsibility order over her former lover's son.

23 November

Friends of Mrs Quinn insist she can prove the Home Secretary is not the father of her first child, according to the 'Evening Standard'.

27 November

'The Sunday Telegraph' claims Mr Blunkett abused his position to help Mrs Quinn's Filipina nanny Leoncia 'Luz' Casalme obtain a visa. He denies wrongdoing.

28 November

Tony Blair expresses his "full confidence" in Mr Blunkett, who announces he has requested an independent review into the allegations.

29 November

Mrs Quinn is admitted to hospital with stress-related complications.

30 November

Mr Blunkett admits he was wrong to give a rail warrant intended for MPs' spouses to his married lover and says he will repay the £180 cost.

1 December

A Home Office letter published by the 'Daily Mail' suggests Ms Casalme's visa application was approved early. Mr Blunkett says he did no wrong.

2 December

Mr Quinn defends his wife and calls for a ceasefire, fearing a premature birth

3 December

Mr Blunkett wins the first round of his court battle with Mrs Quinn over access to her two-year-old son. A High Court judge dismisses her appeal against an earlier decision not to adjourn the case.

6 December

The 'Daily Mail' publishes extracts from Mr Blunkett's biography in which he reportedly makes negative comments about high-profile colleagues.

14 December

Fresh claims emerge that the Home Secretary "fast tracked" a second visa application for his former lover's nanny.

15 December

Reports emerge that six cabinet ministers have voiced their doubts over the political future of Mr Blunkett. The Home Secretary resigns.