The House of Lords should be 'sealed up and gassed,' says Katie Hopkins

Most people 'don't give a s***' about the second chamber, controversial columnist says

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There have been many different suggestions about how to reform the House of Lords, but Katie Hopkins has just come up with a new idea.

"Seal up the room and gas the lot of them," was the controversial columnist's suggestion when asked about her cure for the ever-growing and costly second chamber.

Ms Hopkins claimed most people "don't give a shit" about the House of Lords because they are "all a bunch of plonkers".

She pointed to recent appointments to the Lords, such as lingerie entrepreneur Michelle Mone, as a further reason for getting rid of the chamber. "Frankly, once you've got Michell Mone in anywhere, you really don't care about it," Ms Hopkins said at a fringe event at Ukip's party conference in Doncaster. 

Her suggestion for House of Lords reform was not the first controversial remark she made during her appearance at Ukip's conference today. She reportedly claimed the picture of the dead Syrian refugee boy - three-year-old Aylan Kurdi whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey - was "staged".

Ms Hopkins caused an uproar earlier this year when she described migrants as "cockroaches" and "feral humans". Her remarks were condemned by the United Nations, who said they resembled pro-genocide propoganda.

Asked about her views on the House of Lords on Friday, Ms Hopkins said: "The people I represent, the things I articulate to the nation, actually we don't give a shit about the House of Lords because we think they're all a bunch of plonkers. They've just put Michelle Mone in there and frankly, once you've got Michelle Mone in anywhere you really don't really care about it...

"I certainly don't really mind if you seal up the room and gas the lot of them."