The key Commons bills and debates Nadine Dorries will miss while appearing in I'm a Celebrity


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Part of Nadine Dorries’s justification for being away is that the Commons will be in recess for most of next week, with only light business on Monday and Tuesday.

But she will be away when other MPs are campaigning in the first ever elections of police commissioners on 15 November, which will not please the Conservative candidate in her area.

She is also likely to miss the major show down over the EU budget, on 22 November, which was the cause of David Cameron’s Commons defeat last week.

Other major events she could miss, if she is not one of the first to be voted off the programme by I’m a Celebrity’s audience, include the Autumn Statement on 5 December, in which the Chancellor George Osborne will update the government spending plans, and the big occasion when David Cameron and Nick Clegg will launch the coalition’s revised mission statement.