The Liberal Democrats in Harrogate: Decisions from the conference floor

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Indy Politics
The conference called for:

Co-operation with people of other parties and to develop ideas and campaign.

The break-up of monopolies in the utilities, greater tendering, franchising and regulation.

Denmark to reconsider its referendum on the Maastricht treaty, while deploring the UK's opt-outs on social policy and the EMU.

Gypsies and others with a genuinely nomadic life to be given adequate mobile home sites.

Serbia and Montenegro to comply with the London Agreement, cease ethnic cleansing and bring those involved in promulgation of atrocities to trial.

A ban on hunting with hounds.

Improved support for women's refuges.

Business today

Today the conference will close with a keynote address by Paddy Ashdown, leader of the Liberal Democrats. Earlier there will be debates on workers' rights, the underclass, the Earth Summit and bullying in schools.