The Liberal Democrats in Harrogate: Quotes of the Day

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'Tony Baldry is a very nice man; Sir George Young is a very very nice man; and Michael Howard is Michael Howard.' Nigel Jones, MP for Cheltenham and Liberal Democrat housing spokesman, on the Government housing ministers.

'I am not some young north London yuppie. I am well aware that sex has been going on for years . . . It seems the only place it's not talked about is on party conference floors.' Caroline Shorten, Westminster, participant in debate on prostitution.

'It's time to get rid of the 'no sex please, we're British' attitude in British politics.' Young male speaker in the same debate.

'Mrs Thatcher used to say 'there is no alternative' - and she really believed it. Mr Major says 'there is no alternative' because he can't think of one.' Charles Kennedy MP, president of the Liberal Democrats.

'You have to be amazed by the Tories. It takes real dedication to cause a crisis in every single area of housing at the same time.' Nigel Jones.