The Liberal Democrats in Harrogate: The day's conference decisions

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THE CONFERENCE called for:

The abolition of capital punishment in Britain and the Dominions, and for a campaign in the UN and in Europe for its abolition throughout the world.

Councils to use all proceeds of council house sales to build more homes for rent, housing benefit for 16- and 17-year-olds, a programme to bring an estimated

7 million houses up to adequate standard, and a complete review of the housing benefits system to ensure everyone can afford a home suitable for their needs.

Immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Cyprus and the establishment of a bi-zonal federal state.

New criteria under which UN forces could intervene in member states to combat gross and persistent denials of human rights.

A working party to hold talks with prostitutes and groups representating them to discuss legalisation and regulation.

Continued backing for the European Fighter Aircraft Project.

Expulsion of the Freedom Party of Austria from the Liberal International.