The living wage should be 'massively expanded' nationwide, Boris Johnson says

The Mayor of London says the policy should be a 'national ambition'

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The living wage should be “massively expanded” nationwide to cover far more workers, Boris Johnson has said.

The Mayor of London, who returned to the House of Commons as an MP in this month’s general election, said bringing people above the wage should be a key goal for the government.

“The Living Wage should be massively expanded [and be one] of the great national ambitions with increasing productivity,” Mr Johnson wrote during a question and answer session on the social network Twitter.

Mr Johnson is one of the frontrunners to replace David Cameron as leader of the Conservative party when the PM steps down before the next election.

The Mayor’s hint on the living wage gives a clue as to the priorities of any government he might lead were he to become Tory leader.


He however stipulated that the wage should be brought in with "increasing productivity" suggesting an enforced artificial wage floor in line with the minimum wage would be unlikely.

Mr Cameron revealed in March that he had no plans to lead the Conservatives into a third parliament.

The living wage is an independent calculated rate of pay below which it is difficult for families and individual to provide for their own needs.

It is currently set at £7.85 across the UK but £9.15 in London where living costs are significantly higher than elsewhere.