The rich list: Labour names 12 behind secret loans

As Labour finally names 12 businessmen behind secret loans totalling £14m, the pressure is growing on a beleaguered Tony Blair
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Sir David Garrard (£2.3m)

Property developer and friend of Labour's chief fund-raiser, Lord Levy. Donated £200,000 to the party in 2003, but previously donated to the Conservatives under William Hague. Knighted in 2002. Worth: about £102m.

Lord David Sainsbury (£2m)

The former supermarket mogul is by far Labour's biggest individual backer, giving £6.5m since 2001. He was made a life peer in 1997 and appointedScience minister in 1998. Worth: Family fortune estimated at £1.71bn.

Richard Caring (£2m)

Owner of the Ivy restaurant in London, his interests include the Whistles fashion chain and Wentworth golf course. Survived the Asian tsunami, which passed over him while he was scuba diving. Worth: about £300m

Dr Chai Patel (£1.5m)

Healthcare entrepreneur and Labour backer. He was born in Uganda, but moved with his family to a London council estate after fleeing Idi Amin's regime. Trained as a doctor, then became a City banker. Worth: about £35m

Rod Aldridge (£1m)

Executive chairman of the support services firm Capita, which held the contract to run the troubled Criminal Records Bureau. Capita has prospered under controversial public- private deals championed by Labour. Worth: about £73m

Andrew Rosenfeld (£1m)

Chairman of the property firm Minerva. A former business partner of Sir David Garrard, who is supporting one of the city academies. He is not listed as having given a donation to the party in the past. Worth: about £92m

Barry Townsley (£1m)

Stockbroker who has given £1.5m sponsorship to Stockley City Academy. He also backed Frank Dobson's mayoral campaign in 2000. Caught up in the "Galloping Major" City scandal and banned from trading for six months. Worth: Unknown

Sir Christopher Evans (£1m)

As head of Merlin Biosciences, which he set up in 1996, he is the UK's best-known biotechnology entrepreneur. Knighted in 2001 after giving money to Labour in 1998-99 and 1999-2000. Worth: about £158m

Nigel Morris (£1m)

Former head of Capital One, the credit card issuer, and a former social worker from Essex. He set up the firm in 1988 and expanded it into a multibillion-pound business. Donated £50,000 to Labour last year. Worth: £300m

Gordon Crawford (£500k)

IT businessman who made £76.1m by selling his software firm, London Bridge, in 2004. He was among business leaders who supported Labour before last year's general election. UK's first dotcom billionaire. Worth: Unknown

Derek Tullett (£400k)

City stockbroker and long-standing Labour supporter. A non-executive director of the online betting exchange Gaming Bourse. Reported to have given the party £100,000 in 2002. Appointed CBE 10 years ago. Worth: Unknown.

Sir Gulan Noon (£250k)

Nicknamed the "Curry King' for putting Indian food on supermarket shelves, he has given more than £220,000 to Labour since 2001. Knighted in 2004. His nomination for the upper house was blocked. Worth: about £50m