The Top Ten: MPs with Parliament in their blood


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The House of Commons Library produced a list last year that was interesting, but nit-picking pedants pointed out that it had omitted several well-known examples, including David Cameron and Ed Miliband. This year's list was more complete. It included 28 sitting Conservatives, 24 Labour and five Lib Dems.

1. Nicholas Soames, Con, Mid Sussex

Winner with five relations: son of Christopher Soames, cousin of Winston Churchill, nephew of Randolph, grandson of Sir Winston, great-grandson of Lord Randolph.

2. Hilary Benn, Lab, Leeds Central

Joint second: son of Tony Benn, grandson of William Wedgwood Benn (Lib then Lab), great-grandson of Daniel Holmes and of Sir John Benn (both Lib).

3. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Con, Cotswolds

Also four connections: grandson of Geoffrey, great-nephew of Douglas (Speaker 1943-1951) and of Howard, great-great-nephew of James.

4. Alistair Darling, Lab, Edinburgh SW

Great-nephew of Sir William Darling (Scottish Unionist, Edinburgh South 1945-1957).

5. Peter Bottomley, Con, Worthing West

Husband of Virginia (Con, SW Surrey 1984-2005), uncle of Kitty Ussher (Lab, Burnley 2005-2010).


6. Toby Perkins, Lab, Chesterfield

Great-grandson of Sir AP Herbert (Ind, Oxford University 1935-1950).

7. Luciana Berger, Lab, Liverpool Wavertree

Great-niece of Emanuel Shinwell (Lab, latterly for Easington until 1970).

8. Yvette Cooper, Lab, Pontefract

Wife of Ed Balls, Lab, Morley.

9. Ed Miliband, Lab, Doncaster North

Brother of David Miliband (Lab, South Shields 2001-2013).

10. David Cameron, Con, Witney

Great-grandson of Sir William Mount (Con, Newbury 1900-1906 and 1910-1922).

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