The top ten: Unisex names of MPs


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When Cara Hilton won a Scottish Parliament by-election last month, David Mills asked whether there had ever been an MP called Cara. The Labour History Group said no, but there had been a Carol, who was a man. Thus this list was born...

1. Ray Michie Female, Liberal Democrat, 1987-2001. One of four women in this list. (Thanks to David Mills.)

2. Robin Cook Male, Labour, 1974-2005. Nominated by Kieran C.

3. Carol Mather Male, soldier and Conservative MP, 1970-1987, who said of Douglas Hurd's German-style coat, "Last time I saw anyone wearing a coat like that, I shot him."

4. Mervyn Pike Female, Conservative, 1956-1974, after which she became chairman of the Women's Royal Voluntary Reserve.

5. Meredith Titterington Male, Labour, 1945-1949.

6. Evelyn Emmet Female, Conservative, 1955-1965. Unlike Evelyns King (Labour, 1945-1950, then Conservative, 1964-79) and Walkden (Labour, 1941-1950), who were male

7. Beverley Baxter Male, Conservative, 1935-1964, and editor of the Daily Express from 1929- 1933. With thanks to David Boothroyd.

8. Hilary Benn Male, Labour, 1999-present. With Kerry McCarthy, female, Labour, 2005-present, the only current MPs

9. Hyacinth Morgan Male, Labour, 1929-1931 and 1940-1955. Thanks to Labour History Group.

10. Jocelyn Cadbury Male, Conservative, 1979-1982. Thanks to David Boothroyd

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