Theresa May was not in floods of tears over last week's failed election gamble when he met her after the vote, David Davis has said.

"She is fine, she is getting on the with the job," the Brexit Secretary said when he was asked how Ms May was.

When asked if she was sobbing on Friday, Mr Davis told ITV's Good Morning Britain show: "Not when I saw her. She is a formidably good prime minister."

Mr Davis also dismissed questions over the Prime Minster's leadership as "unbelievably self indulgent". 

Senior Tories have moved to back Ms May despite rumblings over whether she could remain in her role, with former chancellor George Osborne saying she was a "dead woman walking".

Mr Davis insisted he was loyal to Ms May: "There is a distinction between running a campaign and running a country.

"Running a country is more difficult and she's formidably good at that.

"That's what you are going to see, you are going to see in the next few weeks her taking back command, her taking back the reins, her showing the world what she's good at which is delivering for the country.

"She's done it before, she'll do it again. That's why she's going to be there probably for my career."

Asked about speculation, he said: "It's a complete waste of people's time, it is just unbelievably self indulgent."

George Osborne calls Theresa May a 'dead woman walking' two days after election

Mr Davis also moved to reassure voters that a potential deal between the Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) would not change UK law on issues the Northern Irish party has concerns about such as abortion or gay rights.

Pressed on whether he could guarantee these rights, he said: "Clearly. We are the Conservative Party.

"David Cameron introduced gay marriage, for example, there's a whole series of things we did, Turing's law, you know, the repeal of the effect of the convictions against people for homosexual acts, which were silly, a different era.

"Those things will stay on the statute book. What we have done, we will keep."