Grenfell Tower fire: Theresa May is also a 'victim' of high-rise tragedy that left 79 dead, Rachel Johnson says

Boris Johnson's sister makes claim during radio interview on LBC

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Theresa May is a “victim” of the Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 58 people, Boris Johnson’s sister has said.

Rachel Johnson made the claims in an interview on radio station LBC during which she suggested Ms May’s reputation had been damaged by widespread criticism of her response to the incident. 

The journalist and television presenter was speaking to Andrew Castle about Ms May's reasons for choosing not to speak to victims immediately after the blaze in the 24-storey tower block in Kensington.

“[Theresa May] did not want to make an incident of her arrival [at Grenfell Tower]. She did not want to interrupt what the emergency services are doing. She didn’t want to do a stunt,” Ms Johnson said. 

“I think she is getting the most unbelievable pasting. It’s a weird thing to say but it is like she is one of the victims of the fire as well. She can do nothing right,” she added. 

Ms Johnson’s remarks received criticism across social media, with one user brandishing her comments as “sickening”. 

“Rachel Johnson says Theresa May is a victim of the fire!!! Did she watch her family burning alive? Did she lose everything?” a user tweeted.  

A criminal investigation has been launched into the fire, after which Ms May has said there will be a full public inquiry.

The current death toll stands at 58 but this is expected to be revised upwards.