Injustice is my biggest motivation for entering politics, says Theresa May – although not everyone seems to agree

Prime Minister says child sexual abuse and modern slavery make her angry 

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Theresa May has claimed that “injustice” was her motivation to entering politics, insisting what makes her angry is those who abuse power.

“What makes me angry? Child sexual abuse. Modern slavery. When we see the powerful abusing their position. That’s what makes me angry,” Mrs May told the BBC.

If she was hoping to strike a chord with many voters, she did  – though perhaps for the wrong reasons, with many people immediately responding by citing what they perceive as injustices Ms May has presided over.

Student deportations

As Home Secretary, Mrs May allegedly wrongly deported up to 50,000 international students who were entitled to be in the UK.

Nurses bursaries

The current Government has confirmed plans to scrap bursaries for student nurses and midwives from next year. 

Grammar schools

One of Mrs May’s flagship policies is the expansion of grammar schools. Those who oppose her reforms have claimed the idea simply encourages injustice and discriminates against poorer students.


The Prime Minister has been adamant that the £55bn HS2 project will be going ahead and the announcement of a new route is expected in the autumn.

There has been criticism that the scheme is both outdated and expensive.  

Mrs May will be addressing the Conservative party conference on Wednesday.