'This guy won't stop staring at me': Ed Miliband photographed scowling at photographer on the Tube

Doncaster North MP shot photographer a glare just as the Northern Line train pulled into Kentish Town station

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A commuter has taken a photograph of former Labour leader Ed Miliband scowling at him on the London Underground.

Rob Crego, 25, was taking what he thought were surreptitious images of his Tube companion when something appeared to alert Mr Miliband to the undercover photographer.

Looking up from his tablet computer, the Doncaster North MP shot Mr Crego what appeared to be an angry glare just as the Northern Line train pulled into Kentish Town station.

The clinical researcher from Finchley in North London has since shared the photograph on Twitter with the caption: “This guy on my train won't stop staring at me. He must follow me...”

He also shared other images of Mr Miliband reading from the Tube journey.

The scowling photograph has since been shared hundreds of times and attracted dozens of comments – some of which make comical edits to the original image.

One user pleads with his followers to print the photograph on a cushion while another suggests Mr Crego “give him a bacon sarnie” - a reference to the famous image of Mr Miliband struggling to eat a sandwich in the run up to last year’s General Election.

Speaking about the incident, Mr Crego told the Evening Standard: “He does look quite annoyed.”

“I did think that, if he’d won the election, he probably wouldn’t be on the Tube,” he added.