Tim Farron: Lib Dem leadership contender - and ex-rock star in a 'fourth-rate New Order'

A photograph has emerged of his brief foray into the world of pop music

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A photograph has emerged of the leading Liberal Democrat leadership contender Tim Farron during his brief foray into the rock and pop world.

In an interview with the Huffington Post last week, it emerged that Mr Farron was in a “fourth-rate New Order”.

The picture was sent to a blogger at the site Liberal England by a reader, who claimed the picture was of “Tim Farron’s band from 1987”.

Mr Farron had left would-be fans in the dark over the true identity of the band, teasing fans by simply saying: “you can find it on YouTube”.

Mr Farron had told the website he had flirted with the idea of reviving his musical ambitions, revealing that a former band-mate had sent him some new material.