Tories clear winners in most fanciable MPs table

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If the general election was a beauty contest the Tories would secure a landslide, the latest survey of the nation's most fanciable MPs suggests today.

Six Conservative MPs made it into the top 10 best lookers of this parliament, three times as many as Labour managed in the Sky News-compiled league table.

But in a coup for the Liberal Democrats, Lynne Featherstone was named the most attractive of all and Nick Clegg was the only party leader to make the grade.

Last year's runner-up, frontbencher Ms Featherstone took top spot in the end-of-parliament poll thanks to her regular appearances in the top 10 since 2005.

"For a woman who stopped counting her age several decades ago, I am very flattered by the compliment," the 58-year-old Hornsey and Wood Green MP said.

"Although if politics is showbusiness for ugly people, does that mean I'm best of a bad lot?"

Second place went to Labour ex-minister Caroline Flint while the top male on the list was Adam Afriyie, the Conservative MP for Windsor.

Click here for the full list, compiled by Sky News' Boulton & Co blog and with last year's position in brackets.