Tories fall out of favour with disillusioned gay voters

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David Cameron has suffered a major dent in his popularity among gay voters after cracks emerged over his party's support for gay rights, a new poll has found.

The Conservative leader finished behind both Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg in a poll which asked gay voters who they would like to see installed in No 10, having topped the same survey last month. Twenty per cent of those polled by wanted Mr Cameron as the next prime minister, while 29 per cent supported Mr Brown and 28 per cent backed Mr Clegg.

Support for the Tories slumped by five points to 20 per cent after Mr Cameron appeared unable to explain in a television interview why Tory MEPs had voted against measures designed to protect gay people from discrimination. Voters were also influenced by the comments of Chris Grayling, the shadow Home Secretary, who suggested that B&B owners should be able to stop gay couples staying at their property.

The findings contradicted the claims yesterday by George Osborne, the shadow Chancellor, that Mr Grayling's comments would not damage his party.