Tories in Brief: Ainsworth calls for a greener economy

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Britain must not let the global economic turmoil deflect it from taking action to cut carbon emissions and reduce its dependency on foreign oil supplies, Peter Ainsworth, the shadow Environment Secretary, warned. He told the conference that the Conservatives "must and will hold fast to the green agenda".

He said: "Don't let anyone tell you there is a choice between the economy and the environment. There simply isn't."

Mr Ainsworth added: "When it comes to the global environment, if that goes bust, there will be no boom ever again. As we rebuild the global economy, we must make sure we do so as if the Earth matters, as if our natural capital matters as much as the capital we put in the bank. We must make both more secure.

"With our dependency on foreign oil, food prices spiralling and jobs at risk there is an urgent need to forge a greener economy that promises less dependency, more security, less risk, more jobs."

Hague's Iraq inquiry vow

The shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has said a full inquiry into the invasion of Iraq would be set up within months of a Tory election victory. Mr Hague also repeated a demand for ministers to order a Privy Council investigation into the "origins and conduct" of the war. He said: "If they do not, one of the first acts of a Conservative government will be to do so." Mr Hague said Pakistan and Afghanistan would be the foreign policy priorities for the Tories and called for tougher sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme.

Georgian leader thanks Tories for support

The Georgian Prime Minister, Lado Gurgenidze, won a standing ovation from Conservative activists as he thanked David Cameron for his support after the Russian invasion in August. Mr Gurgenidze, speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, insisted that international law would break down if Russia's action remained unchallenged. Mr Cameron visited Tbilisi during the conflict to give his support.