Tories take biggest poll lead over Labour since 2010 general election

Labour is looking inwards for its leadership contest

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The Conservatives are enjoying their highest lead in the opinion polls since before the 2010 general election, according to a new survey released today.

ComRes research conducted for the Daily Mail newspaper found the Conservatives with 42 per cent of the vote, a 14-point lead over Labour, who are on 28 per cent.

Ukip were on a long-term low of eight per cent, the Liberal Democrats, eight per cent, and the Green Party six per cent.

The Tories’ lead represents a five-point rise on their May 2015 general election result, and a two-point fall for Labour.

The dramatic lead comes as the Labour party looks inwards to decide who to pick as its next leader to replace Ed Miliband.

The poll is the best for the Tories since 2010, when the Coalition was formed

Polls and other indicators like nominations suggest that Jeremy Corbyn, a plain-speaking socialist, is on course to become leader of the opposition party when the result is announced in September.


It is not clear from the polling to what extent electing any of the leadership contenders would have an effect of the party's chances a general election.

Additional qustions on the Labour leadership contenders found that none had a huge popularity lead over the others with the general public.

Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Burnham were backed by 22 per cent of the public, with Yvette Cooper close behind on 21 per cent. Liz Kendall was backed by 18 per cent of the public.

Broadly similar numbers of voters were actively opposed to the candidates, with a slight lead for Andy Burnham. 58 per cent of voters said they would not vote for Labour if Liz Kendall or Jeremy Corbyn were leader, and 57 per cent for Yvette Cooper.

Andy Burnham was explicitly rejected by 54 per cent of voters. Mr Burnham also had a small lead in the public’s view of having what it would take to become prime minister.

Previous polls have suggested that Mr Corbyn is popular with voters of the general population, but that they see him as likely to hurt Labour's changes with other voters.

Voting in the Labour leadership election is currently underway and the result will be announced at a special conference in September.