Tories win Central Bedfordshire by-election


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Tories easily retained a safe Central Bedfordshire Council seat with a small shift to Labour in this week's only politically comparable by-election.

Turnout slumped to just over 17% at Stotfold and Langford.

The August holiday month traditionally sees a drop in the number of by-elections.

There were none last week. None are reported for next Thursday and just one for August 30.

The Holland-on-Sea Residents Association defended the only other seat at stake this week in a contest at St Bartholomews, Tendring District, Essex.

This was the ward's second by-election in five months.


Central Bedfordshire Council - Stotfold and Langford: C 1021, Lab 446, Ukip 221, Lib Dem 147. (May 2011 - Three seats C 2227, 2162, 2063, No description 1150, 926, Lab 760, Lib Dem 756, Lab 670, 652, Lib Dem 504, 404). C hold. Swing 0.8% C to Lab.

Tendring District - St Bartholomews: Holland-on-Sea Residents 1042, C 145. (May 2011 - Two seats Holland-on-Sea Residents 1341, 1278, C 527, 428. March 22 2012 by-election - Holland-on-Sea Residents 1087, C 289, Lab 120. Holland-on-Sea Residents hold.