Tories win this week's only by-election

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Tories won this week's only council by-election, defending a safe seat in north London's Harrow Borough.

But there was a small swing to Labour at Canons ward compared with last year's main contests on the same day as the General Election when Conservatives gained the parent Harrow East constituency.

Counting took place during daytime today.

The result confirms the trends of earlier by-elections this year and last month's full council polls which showed big switches to Labour in its traditional city strongholds but smaller movements in suburbs and rural areas.

The number of contests steps up from next week, including those held over from May 5 after candidate deaths or, in some cases, where no nominations were received.


Harrow London Borough - Canons: C 1495, Lab 774, Lib Dem 236. (May 2010 - Three seats C 3643, 3320, 3047, Lab 1467, 1259, 1219, Lib Dem 1006, 970, 940). C hold. Swing 3.5% C to Lab.