Tory councillor ‘sorry’ for tweeting lingerie picture in jibe at Labour women


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A Conservative councillor has apologised after suggesting a photograph of several scantily clad women was a picture of an all-women shortlist to become a Labour candidate.

Richard Davies, a Lincolnshire County councillor, tweeted the image at Lincoln MP Karl McCartney with the message “Actual photo of the hustings”, referring to the selection of Lucy Rigby as the prospective Labour candidate for Lincoln in next year’s General Election.

Ms Rigby saw the tweet and replied: “Ppl q [People question] why [there] aren't more women in politics.”

Ms Rigby reiterated her complaint, saying: “We need more women in politics, but your photo tweet last night, proves what we have to deal with. Please apologise. Thank you.”

And Mr Davies relented, saying: “Having reflected on this i think I was wrong to post that photo. AWS [all-women shortlists] is sexist but glamour pics don't help. Sorry if I upset you.”

However last night he retweeted an image of several male body builders posted by @SwissToni, which said: “Photo of Swiss Toni missing out to @karlmccartney on All Male Shortlist Vote @rgdavies @LincSarah Offended? Call BBC.”