Tory leader 'making policy on the hoof'

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The Conservative leader, David Cameron, has been warned that his MPs are worried about the way he seems to be making up policy "on the hoof".

Leaked e-mails from Mr Cameron's private parliamentary secretary, Desmond Swayne, MP for New Forest West, said that some MPs were concerned by Mr Cameron's management style, and revealed that some Tories are considering backing a flat tax as a solution to problems surrounding council tax.

In an e-mail entitled "Thursday Box", he says that there is "lots of unease about political funding and policy on the hoof, but my estimate is this is manageable". Mr Swayne, responsible for conveying backbench opinion to the leader, wrote that his own concern "is that you might if you keep your foot so hard on the accelerator be in danger of being completely frazzled".

A previous leaked e-mail from Mr Swayne to Mr Cameron said that "a tight rein will be necessary" with Theresa May, shadow Leader of the Commons.