Tory leader spares no personal details

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When David Cameron said he had enjoyed the "usual university experience" it was seen as an attempt to evade the question of whether he had taken drugs.

But it also emerged last night that the Tory leader's standards of student normality may be still more accommodating.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Mr Cameron admits he once visited a sexual diseases clinic. And in an example of the kind of candour he believes is required of him, he shares the information that he did not check his testicles for signs of cancer, would take two weeks' paternity leave, and once bought a fur hat.

During his interview with the magazine Mr Cameron spoke about the effect the "Don't Die of Ignorance" Aids campaign had on university life in the mid-1980s. "It scared the life out of us all. I think we need those sort of gritty campaigns again on drugs, on sexually transmitted infections."