Tory MP in dispute over withdrawal of whip

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A Conservative MP has accused his own party of "deplorable political dishonesty" after a row erupted over whether he had been sacked or had resigned.

Bob Spink, the MP for Castle Point, interrupted the Budget debate in the Commons to announce he had resigned the party whip "because the Conservative Party has failed to deal with serious criminal and other irregularities in my constituency". It is believed Mr Spink is facing deselection calls from within his local party after accusing an official of the alleged financial irregularities.

Mr Spink emailed the Chief Whip, Patrick McLoughlin, threatening to resign from the party on Tuesday. Mr McLoughlin's response read: "I cannot have MPs making threats to resign the whip at a time of their own choosing, if the demands of the party are not met. I must therefore treat your resignation as taking immediate effect."

Mr Spink said: "For the Conservative Party to now imply they withdrew the whip from me is brass-necked dishonesty."