Tory peer pelted with eggs

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Eggs were thrown at Baroness Warsi during a visit to Luton today.

The incident happened as the shadow minister for community cohesion and social action visited the area with a Conservative election candidate.

According to reports the male protesters accused her of not being a proper Muslim and of supporting the death of Muslims in Afghanistan.

After the attack Baroness Warsi said she had tried to talk to the protesters but they did not want to debate their concerns.

"I stood up to this group and said I challenge your views," she told BBC News.

"They just weren't prepared to listen. They shouted.

"I said if you want to have this debate, listen."

A spokesman for Baroness Warsi said: "I think someone threw an egg at her while she was out and about in Luton with local candidates."

The egg-thrower was not staging a protest as far as he knew, he said.