Twinterview: Parmjit Dhanda MP

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Organised by the Independent and Tweetminster, Labour MP for Gloucester Parmjit Dhanda was the subject of a twitter interview (live below) at 3pm GMT today.

The Q&A is now closed. Thanks to all those who tweeted us their questions

Transcript of the interview as it unfolded:

Q: How do you think John Bercow is doing as a speaker?

I think he's made a pretty good start (visited Gloucester!) true test will be to see how Parliament has changed in a year

Q: Do you agree with him not investigating flipping 2nd homes?

No, flipping homes and capital gains tax avoidance has angered voters more than anything else

Q: Are you willing to sign the EDM 1935 to support funding to restore Bletchley Park?

It played a big role in our war effort and we should do all we can to ensure its place in history, will sign today

Q: Why did you block one of your constituents on Twitter?

It was a constantly aggravating Tory councillor constantly invading my cyberspace, man. Don't need the hassle.

Q. Do you have ambitions to one day lead the Labour Party?

Only via twitter! (just kidding)

Q: Where do you stand on Open Primaries?

I have an open mind. I know some have worked well, but the ones that were stopped half way through seemed corrupted

Q: Do you think the use of smart phones in the HoC should be banned?

It's good for giving proceedings a running commentary with an inside track - but must be within reason

Q: You said recently there were "four white Scottish men and no BAMEs" in govt, what can be done to increase diversity in politics?

I like Scots! Black, white, m & f but I think we'd be a better parliament if we were more representative of Britain today

Q: The Tories are ahead in the polls, is the Gen Election a done deal?

No. But we need to put over our case much better. Our country benefits from our Lab govt, we need to make the case for it.

Q: What is the one issue Labour should be campaigning on more?

Many things,like public service reform & investment, we shouldn't forget emotive issues like keeping fox hunting banned too

Q. Should Gordon Brown be congratulating Hamid Karzai?

That's a toughie. Best thing is to work with Karzai because we have to, but certainly not to be OTT in praise of him

Q: You've been in the Commons a while now: what's your 1 piece of advice for the PPCs on twitter if they're elected next time?

Don't play your music too loud when driving through the carriage gates on the first day. You might get a bad rep!

Q: How is social media & twitter relevant to you in your constituency work?