Ukip member Natasha Bolter's 'teacher' position doubted after Oxford rejects PPE degree claims

Bolter claimed she had attended Oxford - which is confirmed to be untrue

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The Ukip member Natasha Bolter, who has accused the party's general secretary of sexual harassment, is suspected of not having teaching qualifications, despite being described by the party as a teacher, only days after it was revealed that claims of her having attended Oxford University were also false.

At Ukip's September conference, the audience was told that Ms Bolter, a former Labour activist, "went to a local comprehensive school and nowadays teaches at a local comprehensive school in east London".

However, Barking and Dagenham Council today confirmed today that she worked for them as a cover supervisor, which are used for short-term absences of a teacher but the position does not require formal teaching qualifications.

A spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Natasha Bolter was employed through an agency as a cover supervisor at Eastbury Comprehensive School from Spring 2012 to Spring 2013.”

Cover supervisors do not plan lessons nor set homework, do not require subject knowledge, do not mark students' work nor have to set or meet targets.

The news comes in the same week that it was revealed that claims of Ms Bolter studying at Oxford University were also called into question.

At the same conference in Doncaster, Roger Bird, who she now accuses of sexually harrassing her, introduced Ms Bolter, saying: “She got five A grades at A-levels and went on to read PPE at Wadham College, Oxford.”

Her claims of an upper second-class degree at the institution are believed to have been fabricated after the prestigious university made a rare move in denying that she had ever attended.

Ms Bolter withdrew her candidacy for South Basildon and East Thurrock after she accused Mr Bird of viewing her as a “sex object”. Mr Bird has since denied the claims, saying they had a consensual relationship and he hopes an investigation will clear his name.


A university spokesman told The Telegraph: “We've recently seen an interview transcript in which Natasha claimed to have attended Wadham and can therefore confirm that Oxford University has no record of a Natasha Ahmed (Ms Bolter's maiden name) with a birthday of 12 July 1975 having attended Oxford.”

Bolter has yet to respond to requests made by The Independent.

She is also said to have been thrown out, rather than having defected, from the Labour party after eight months for allegedly not paying her membership fees. This allegation is likely to deflate Ukip supporters who initially believed it to be a major blow to the reputation of the party headed by Ed Miliband.

Mr Bird is set to attend a disciplinary hearing today after Ms Bolter lodged complaints against him on 5 November. He claims that the pair were in a consensual relationship for several weeks and that he has affectionate messages sent by Bolter to his phone.

Bolter admitted that she had sent a series of messages to Bird, but told BBC2's Newsnight: “None of them changes my story,” adding "I did not sleep with Roger Bird, end of.”

In an interview for the programme, she said: “When I said no, nothing happened. He's a gentleman. I never felt scared of him, I just felt pressured maybe that if I did the right thing my career would go faster and further. He wasn't taking me seriously as a candidate; he was looking at me as a sex object.”