Ukip MP Douglas Carswell says protesters who shouted insults at him had 'murderous' intentions

The MP was surrounded by anti-austerity protesters after the Queen's Speech

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Ukip MP Douglas Carswell has spoken of his terror after he was confronted by a group of anti-austerity protesters in Central London.

Mr Carswell, the party’s only member of parliament, says protesters invaded his “personal space” and shouted insults at him when they came across him on his way home from parliament.

“Before we knew it, the mob had materialised from nowhere, and surrounded us,” he wrote in an opinion article for the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

“This didn’t take place down a dark alley under cover of night; it was a sunny afternoon on a main street in the middle of London. And what followed was hideous and frightening.’”

Video footage of the incident posted on social media shows a confrontation taking place in front of the Metropolitan Police headquarters at New Scotland Yard.

Mr Carswell says demonstrators referred to him as "scum" and "Tory filthy". Pictures from the scene show Mr Carswell surrounded by police officers.

The MP told the Press Association that the protesters had “murderous” intentions. “I needed a lot of police officers to prevent them from attacking me,” he added.

Police said an incident took place on Broadway, SW1 at approximately 6pm. One man aged 20 was arrested under suspicion of threatening or abusive behaviour.

Protesters were demonstrating in central London against the inclusion of further austerity measures in the Queen’s Speech, which took place the day of the march.

Three other men aged 49, 20, and 17 were arrested and bailed throughout the course of the wider demonstration.

Mr Carswell defected from the Conservative party in summer 2014. He won a subsequent by-election in his seat of Clacton and was again re-elected at the general election.