Ukip advert urges voters to 'say no to the UK'

The anti-EU party appeared to u-turn on its political agenda in a local paper Christmas message

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Ukip appeared to have made a surprise U-turn in its political agenda when an error in a Christmas message saw it tell voters to ‘say no to the UK!’

The anti-EU party left everyone confused when it appeared to turn its back on years of campaigning in a single message placed in a local paper on December 17.

The error occurred when members of the party’s Rotherham branch posted a Christmas message in the free local Rotherham Record, which read: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at the Ukip Rotherham Team".

It included a Ukip logo with "say no to the UK!" presumably instead of "the EU" above it.

A spokesperson for the party said the mistake was a "printer's error" and said it is asking the paper to send its fee to local children's charities.

The spokesperson added: "It still made us laugh".

The Independent has contacted the Rotherham Record for comment.

Picture courtesy of Chris Read.