Unison targets Tory 'threat to services'

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One of the country's biggest trade unions today launched an election poster campaign accusing the Conservatives of planning to "wield an axe" to public services.

Unison will publish the posters in marginal seats across the UK, urging the public to "Look What's in the Tories' First Budget", below an image of an axe with a blue blade.

General secretary Dave Prentis said: "The poster's graphic image will give voters a sharp reminder of Tory plans to take an axe to vital public services.

"Public spending and the threat of job cuts are high on the election agenda. Tory councils have already wiped out thousands of jobs across the UK and local people are paying the price.

"We are seeing vital services such as meals on wheels, nurseries, day centres, home care and libraries disappear, and if the Tories get into power they have said that thousands more jobs will go.

"Our message is a simple one - use your vote and stop the threat to your public services."

Thousands of union activists, pensioner campaigners and other groups joined a demonstration in London on Saturday in support of public services and warning against cuts after the General Election.