Video: Angry motorcyclist gives kid verbal dressing-down after being 'hit with rock'

Motorcyclist Keith Wilson was hit with a projectile as he travelled down a road in the Newcastle suburb of Hebburn

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A video has emerged that shows the moment a child is confronted by an angry motorcyclist after the child allegedly threw a rock at the rider while he was travelling in Newcastle.

In the incident, which allegedly occurred in September last year but has only recently been uploaded onto the internet, the helmet camera of motorcyclist Keith Wilson, 22, captures the child apparently throwing a rock at Wilson as he rides through a residential area in a Newcastle suburb.

In the video, Mr Wilson is riding down the quiet street when the camera captures two youths standing on the pavement.

According to Mr Wilson, as he travelled past the two children he was hit with a rock in the chest, which forced him to stop his bike.

After checking he was not injured, the bookkeeper from Newcastle then decided to chase down the two youths before giving the alleged culprit a verbal dressing down.

Asking the child "what was that?" the child says that it was an accident that occurred when he dropped the rock.

Not believing the story, Wilson tells the child what the consequences of his actions could have been.

He said: “What happens if I claim on the insurance, who's going to pay?

"You won't be, your mam will.

"She won't be happy."

Before telling the child to "use his f****ing noodle."

The video ends with Mr Wilson shouting expletives as he walks away.

Speaking to The Mirror after the incident, Mr Wilson said that he felt his reaction was quite restrained and that the incident could have led to a serious injury.

He said: "I know I was swearing in the video and the child was about nine or ten, but I've seen the comments on the video and a lot of people are in favour of how I reacted."

"I was shocked and angry - I could have reacted a lot worse.

"Luckily, I wasn't badly hurt because I was well protected, but I was shocked and I could have been badly injured."